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Mix Collagen and Mixed Berries Drink


Increase skin moisture and delay the formation of wrinkles

Significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite and restore the structure and elasticity of skin and tissue

Stimulate the skin to create hyaluronic acid which is essential for skin hydration

Support thicker and longer hair; and promote growth and health of fingernails


C+ collagen drink is now available with mixed berries flavors so you may enjoy both health and taste benefits. This paleo-friendly supplement contains Verisol bioactive hydrolyzed collagen peptides which are claimed to reduce wrinkles and increase skin collagen by 60% when taken daily and are optimized to maximize stimulation of human cell types involved in collagen biosynthesis.
It is made from a mix of 5 types of berries, vitamin C&E and 4 types of extracts which can be consumed by simply pouring one tear stick into the beverage and stirring until dissolved. It comes in a recyclable pack containing 15 x 5g tear sticks and bearing usage directions.

Both gender from mid-twenties who wish to maintain the well being of skin, hair and nails.

Mix 1 sachet with 100-200ml room temperature water, stir well and consume.


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